Premium Placement

Ultimate ability to promote and speed up a response from costumers.

What does «Premium Placement» means?
«Premium Placement» service at Browse City gives you the ultimate ability to promote postings and speed up a response from the potential costumers.


How the Premium Postings are displayed?
Premium Postings are displayed on every page of the website in the special «Premium Placement» block. Only three Premium Postings can be shown at once, that is why they are shown randomly.

All «Premium Placement» Postings are filtered in accordance to the category, region and search criteria (if any) set by user.


In addition, by purchasing of a «Premium Placement» feature, your posting date will be renewed automatically, once per posting (for more information, read about «Renew Posting» feature).


How do I use «Premium Placement» service?
You have two options to use our additional service. First: Go to the posting page and click «Premium Placement» link from the Owner Tools menu. Second: Go to User Menu, select an option Choose Promotion Type from the Promotion Tools section and click on the «Premium Placement» option. After you do that, system will provide you with a list of all your advertising postings and pages on Browse City eligible to use the service and not currently marked as Premium ones.


How much «Premium Placement» feature costs?
Price to pin your posting to the top of search results is 25 Tokens (1 Token equals $1 CAD) per posting. Please note, that price of the service can be reduced by Browse City administration during the special promo events. To purchase Tokens you can use a Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal.


When «Premium Placement» feature starts and ends?
«Premium Placement» service will be activated immediately after you make a payment and will be finished after a seven days or in case if your posting will be blocked by Browse City administration because of violating website's Terms of Service.


Does editing has any affect on the Premium Posting status?
No. Editing, opening or closing of the posting has no effect on Premium Posting status.


Whi I can't see my Premium Posting?
«Premium Placement» postings are shown in random order on the listing pages. Try to refresh the page and you will see other set of premium postings with your posting included. Please note, that «Premium Placement» block is formed by the system using many parameters, such as location, category and so on.