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Privacy Policy

Information Usage Policy

We receive a number of different types of information about you and your services. Information exchange between user and Browse City is encoded and protected. Secure connection and protection provided by Symantec SSL Certificate.


Registration Information

In order to create an account at Browse City, you are required to provide us with an email address and password.


Email address will never be published and could be used by Browse City administration to contact you when necessary and during password change procedure. Registration email address also will be used by our system to send you notifications about personal messages which can be sent to you by other Browse City users from posting pages only.


Registration password along with a random generated key are encoded using SHA-2 algorithm designed by the U.S. National Security Agency (read about SHA-2 at Wikipedia). This way user passwords are stored in our database as hash-strings and cannot be decoded by Browse City, you or any third party.


Public Information

To create and place postings at Browse City (this include: ads postings, shop pages, business pages, sales announcements, job postings and events announcements) you will be asked to provide information, e.g. address, contact name, phone and so on. This information considered as public information. Public information will be published at corresponding posting pages and will be accessible by other users without any restrictions.


Personal Data

In order to ease multiple postings creation, Browse City users are able to set personal data defaults. This information is optional and also considered as public information. It will be loaded in posting creation form by default and can be changed during posting submission.


Payment Information

Every time you make a purchase at Browse City, we require you to provide us with billing address, credit card data and private phone.


Credit Card Information

All payment procedures with a credit card involved are encrypted and secured with the services provided by (merchant libraries, scripts and so on). Browse City does not save any of your credit card data information, including: credit card type, card number, name on card, expiration date, CVC code.


Billing Address

After a payment is complete, billing address is attached to your order number and saved in our system along with it. It will not be published to anyone except Browse City administration.


Private Phone Number

In order to make your experience using Browse City even more secure, all payments must be confirmed by a six digit security code which will be send to your private phone number. Private phone used for security reasons only and will not be published to anyone except Browse City administration and cases, when phone number provided by you in postings matches private phone number.



Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in the browser of your computer, mobile phone or other device. We use cookies to identify you as signed-in Browse City user and to save some useful for you but insignificant to others data.


We save following cookies in your browser cache:

  • Albtion UserHash (encoded user hash line SHA-256);
  • Authentification Key (encoded hash line SHA-256);
  • Listing Options (full or compact postings listings, post per page and so on);
  • Search Criterias: country, province or state and city (text data);


Third Party Data

Our system allows you to sign in to Browse City without registration using one of the following social media network accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. During signing in procedure using social media network account, you will be prompted with the question to permit us to use some basic information about you.


Information provided by social media network could include: email address, social network type, social network user id and public name. This information is processed by our system as a private information and not be accessible by others.