Today is March 21st, 2019

Advertising Opportunities

Adverise With Us

As a website created to ease communication between people and companies, sellers and buyers, along with its free of charge instruments, Browse City offers additional non-free promotional services such as banner placement opportunities, branding and so on.


Every single day new individuals and businesses are becoming users at Browse City. Our user base is constantly growing and already consists of more than 60 thousands of unique visitors per month. This number is already higher than average newspapers print-runs.


Below you can read about all options which are available for you to promote yourself, your offers, your business or your announcements at Browse City.


Top Banner

Wide banner placed between website header and content field. Image or flash presentation 980px to 1210px wide, 120px to 400px in height.


Restrictions: Not available while Branding advertising is in place.

Price: $400 / week.


Right Banner

Standart banner in the right column. Image or flash presentation. Dimensions: 240px height,  400px wide.


Price: $200 / week.



Website style changes with background image and other style alterations.


Price: $800+ / week (depends on amount of changes to the website style).


Featured Content

Featured posts at main page. Static images only. Available sizes: 430px width, 280px height; 430px width, 155px height; 295px width, 450px height; 180px width, 140px height.


Price: $40+ / day.