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Terms of Service

User Agreement

Current Terms of Service Agreement (herein after the Agreement) governs out relationship with users and others who interact with this website owned and operated by The Albit Donimion Holdings Inc. (herein after Browse City). By using or accessing Browse City, you agree to be contractually bound the following Agreement. Access to the Browse City is granted you on the condition that you accept any further changes made to this Agreement by Browse City administration or (and) owners without any additional notice.



If you do not agree with these Terms, discontinue all use of the website immediately.



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1. Terms and Definitions

The Agreement terms used in this Agreement and listed below have following meaning.


Browse City

The Browse City is a web resource which consists of an aggregate of information and software contained in the information system ensuring availability of such information on the Internet at: and operated by The Albit Dominion Holdings Inc.



Any users of the Internet which can or can not be registered (signed in) at Browse City.



Any products, goods, services or other offers; shop pages and listings; business pages and listings;  job offers and sales offers; event announcements which could be published by the Users at Albtion as Postings.


Postings / Ads

Any Items which can be published at Browse City by Users.



Registered and signed in Users, who are placing their Ads at Browse City.



Users, who is viewing Sellers' Postings or (and) interact with Sellers about the Items.



Any functionality, website services and tools available at Browse City.



Browse City tokens are used as means of exchange for different promotional services for Postings. Tokens can be purchased by Users using available payment methods (default price for 1 Token is set to CAD $1 and can be changed without additional notice). Tokens, previously purchased by User can not be refunded, exchanged or transferred to another user account.


Browse City administration reserves the right to provide free tokens for Users during different promotional events or (and) as a reward for certain User actions, such as website registration, another user invitation, content share and so on.



Information or (and) materials provided by Users to Browse City during the website usage process. This include email address, contact information, Items and Postings descriptions, photos, audio and video information and any other information which could be used by User during its activities at Browse City.


2. General Conditions

By the terms of this Agreement, Browse City provides to Users ability to utilize available Browse City Services. Item Posting services provided to Users are free of charge, unless it is stated otherwise.


All deals with Postings and Items are conducted between Users directly. Browse City is not a party or (and) intermediary in concluded deals, does not control these deals and is not responsible for results of these deals.


Certain additional Services could be regulated by specific rules or (and) arrangements as an integral part of this Agreement, including individual agreements drawn and signed by Users and Browse City. In case of conflict or inconsistency between text of this Agreement and specific regulations or (and) arrangements, specific regulations or (and) arrangements texts should be applied.


By accessing Browse City, Users conducting this Agreement and thus warrants and guarantees their full power and authority to do so, including lawful age, legal capacity and copyrights. Browse City has legitimate right to request Users to provide information or (and) documents confirming the rights and powers described before.


3. Rights to Post Ads

Any registered User has the right to place Items Postings at Browse City.


During the registration procedure, Users are required to provide the access data. After the registration is complete, Users can proceed with signing in to Browse City using access data provided before.


Users are responsible for all actions and activities performed with using their access data. Users are obliged to keep their access data safe and do not share it with third parties. Users has no right to transfer access data to third parties or (and) directly or indirectly permit third parties to use Browse City, except by persons acting on behalf Users and in their interests, with personal signed permission to do so. Users are solely responsible for all actions commited with using of their access data. Users are obliged to immediately change access data in case of any suspicions that this data could be disclosed or may be used by third parties.


Browse City has legitimate right to use specific software or (and) technical solutions to verify the information provided by Users during registration and authorization procedures. Taking into account that it is difficult to check people identity in the Internet, Browse City can not guarantee that any particular User is really the person who he or she appears to be and that information provided by the User is correct. Browse City recommends be cautious and to communicate with potential counterparties using all tools available (including personal messages at Browse City, email and phone).


4. Posting Rules

Sellers are obliged to place Ads in accordance with Albtion guidelines and instructions. Sellers are obliged to provide an accurate and complete information about Items, specific conditions of usage or sale, any additional information. By creating a Posting, Seller confirms his or hers right to dispose of the Item promoted or (and) to perform any other actions with it. To maintain a high quality service, Browse City reserves the right to limit the number of active Postings for User, as well as to limit User actions at Browse City.


Seller has a right to promote any belonging Items at Browse City, considering those Items do not require any special permits from authorities and other parties. Promotion of Items which violate any applicable laws, or (and) are contrary to generally accepted standards of morality, or (and) are offensive or inappropriate, or (and) do not comply with the Browse City policies, is forbidden. Sellers must ensure that promoted Items are statisfy all the requirements of this Agreement before publishing Postings at Browse City.


Sellers are obliged to ensure that all the information provided in Postings about Items is correct. All mistakes or (and) inconsistencies found must be corrected by Sellers by editing their Postings as soon as possible.


Description provided by the Seller in a Posting serve as Sellers' conditions to the specific Item and must contain all the information for Buyers. Sellers are not allowed to place hyperlinks leading to any websites or (and) pages containing any additional information about the Item promoted.


Terms of delivery (if applicable) must be included in the Item description as well. Information in Postings, conditions and specific terms provided by the Seller must not contradict with the applicable law of Cananda, US and this Agreement.


Sellers are obliged to not include in their Ads any information about:

  • other websites or (and) Internet Auctions that offers similar to Browse Citys' services, including hyperlinks, domain names written in text, website names and so on;
  • hyperlinks, domain names, website names, etc. for the websites offering goods and services that are prohibited for sale at Browse City.


Browse City has the right to adjust, cut or extend demonstration time of any Ads, due to technical reasons which could or could not be controlled by Browse City. Browse City has the right to terminate and delete any Ads posted any time necessary.


5. Limitation of Liability

All the Data placed by Users at Browse City is intended to ease the process of selling or (and) promoting Users properties or (and) services or (and) other Users intensions. Users are placing any possible information acting in their own interests, including goals to facilitate the communication and contacts between them. By placing any kind of Data at Browse City, Users make all this Data available to general public and third parties. Users understand and accept all risks associated with their actions, including (but not limited with): the risk of getting User's email in mailing lists, risk of getting User's phone number to SMS spammers and other risks arising with publishing information for general public online.


Users must remember that Browse City is not a party in any kind of transaction or deals regarding any kind of Ads placed by Users. Browse City provides a tool that allows Users to promote their Items which are allowed to be promoted by general law of Canada, US and this Agreement. Notwithstanding all our efforts to keep the content at Browse City at highest quality possible, not all Ads posted by Users are checked by Browse City administration. Thereby quality, safety, legality and compliance of Items promoted with given description, as well as ability of Sellers to sell and Buyers to buy, are beyond control of the Browse City. Users are obliged to accept their own responsibilities to decide, whether Ads posted at Albtion by Sellers are valid and legal. Browse City is not responsible for actions and results of deals consummated between Buyers and Sellers.


All Users are obliged to act only in accordance with applicable law of Canada, US and this Agreement.


Not all Postings published at Browse City by Users undergo moderation procedures. Some Data posted in Ads could be considered as offensive, dangerous, misleading or wrong. Thereby Browse City administration encourages Users to be extremly cautious using website. Users must be aware that their counterparties could impersonate other persons, be minors an so on. Usage of Browse City implies that Users are aware of risks involved, accept all possible consequences of usage of the website and agree that Browse City is not liable for actions or omissions of other Users.


In case one User has any claims to other User about website services usage or (and) Ads placed by any of them, Users agree to resolve all complaints independently without Browse City involvement of any kind. Browse City is not responsible for the loss and distortion of any information or (and) Data by Users, loss of personal messages, text, etc. Browse City is not to be considered as liable party for any failures Users can experience using website Services due to force majeure or any other applicable case.


Basing on principles of the Internet, all Browse City Services are provided "as is". This means that Albtion do not provide any guarantees about website Services and in particular, Browse City does not guarantee that:

  • any Services, any direct or (and) indirect effect of Services will meet requirements and demands of Users;
  • any Services will be secure, error free or provided without interruptions;
  • results obtained by Users using any Services will be accurate, reliable and will meet any Users expectations.


6. Information and Data Provided by Users

Users agree to provide only accurate Data in their Postings and are responsible for the information provided. Users are obliged to keep information in their Postings actual and update outdated Data as soon as possible.



Information Data provided by Users in their Ads placed at Browse City or (and) any Users actions must not:

  • be false, innacurate or (and) misleading;
  • contribute to fraud, deception or (and) abuse of trust;
  • lead to conduction deals with stolen or counterfeit Items;
  • violate or (and) infringe property rights of third party, its trade secrets or (and) right to privacy;
  • contain information insulting someone's honor, dignity or (and) business reputation;
  • contain threats or slanders;
  • urge to commit a crime, including interethnic strife crimes;
  • promote or (and) support any terrorist or extremist activities;
  • be obscene or (and) contain pornography;
    • contain computer viruses or (and) any other harmful software, including software designed to make unauthorized intrusions, parse or (and) steal personal or (and) system data of Users or (and) Browse City;
  • harm Albion in any possible way, as well as cause full or partial loss of Browse City Services, services of other Internet service providers or (and) any third parties and persons;
  • contain promotional materials of other similar to Browse City services;
  • violate third party intellectual property rights, rights to use or photos of people and any other thrird party rights;
  • in any other way violate acclicable laws of Canada and US.


Users are forbidden to place Ads at Browse City, perform any business activities, execute transactions using Services provided by Browse City, which may lead to violation of this Agreement or (and) legislation of the Canada and US.


Browse City is not to be connected with any kind of information posted by Users and not obiged to verify content provided by Users to be authentic, secure or (and) legal. Browse City is not responsible for any copyright issues concerning the Data provided in Postings by Users.


7. Information Exchange

All messages for Users from Browse City could be published for general public at one of the website pages or (and) sent individually using Users registration email. Users accept that messages sent by Browse City may contain advertising materials, technical information or (and) any other information from Browse City and its counterparties. Messages from Browse City administration are considered as delivered upon publication and aknowleged by Users in the same time.


Messages designated for Abltion must be sent using methods provided by Browse City, including feedback form in the Contact section of the website.


All Browse City Users can send messages to each other, including messages between Sellers and Buyers, using special form attached to the Postings or reply form in Personal Messages area. During this procedure Browse City will send a notification, using recepient registration email.


8. Agrement Violations

Current Agreement comes into effect immideately after User starts to use Browse City website or any of its services, regardeless the fact that he or she is acting as a registered User or as a website visitor, and cosidered to be valid indefinetely.


Users has the right to terminate their access to the Personal Accout without possibility of recovery such access in the future. Users are not allowed to register iteratively using the same personal data, including email address, which was previously used for registration at Albtion.


Browse City administration reserves the right to suspend or (and) terminate User access of to the website or (and) its services in cases when User violates this Agreement, rules for particular usage of website services or any other rules governing the work procedures of Browse City. Users with suspended or (and) terminated accounts are considered as Banned. Users with banned accounts are not allowed to create new accounts at the website without special permission from Browse City administration.